I don’t know why i’m showing you my eye without concealer.

They are my biggest hate…& if i could change one thing about myself..(besdies my legs) it would be that i had no dark circles.
Unfortunately, it kindof runs in my family, so concealer is the only answer.

When i say i have tried loads of concealers under my eyes, that is somewhat of an understatement…

The one concealer to have ever proved just right, is …
*Drum roll please*

Gosh Touch Up Concealer in No2

I know i have mentioned this alot in previous posts, and i have had many people asking me questions on it, and emailing me about it, so i thought it was about time i did a proper review on it.

I think what makes this concealer work so well (with my skintone anyway) is the fact it has a salmony undertone…obviously, orange cancels out blue, so the pinky-orange tone of the concealer works very well to disguise the blue under your eyes.
There is one other colour in the same range, which is shade 1, but this does not contain the same colour..so i can’t say it would perform aswell. I also love the consistency of it, how easy it is to blend and the fact it has NEVER gone cakey, which so many concealers seem to do under my eyes.

I thought i would show you some before and after images to prove how much i love it…
I still can’t believe i am showing you all this..haha

I know the last picture looks edited, but i promise i havent touched the brightness or the contrast, i think i was closer to the window..or the sun came out…might have to tilt your laptop screen haha

I love this stuff so much. I just find it covers the perfect amount. If the concealer is alot darker than your skintone, you can always use a touch of light reflecting concealer over the top lightly, i sometimes do this when im feeling particularly pale, or dark eyed.
My favourite under eye combo is this concealer with a touch of Benefit Erase Paste in no 1 on darker areas. I havent demonstrated that in the above photos though.

The concealer retails for around £6-7 & can be bought in Superdrug!

  1. It makes such a difference! I get really bad dark circles too :(

  2. Catanya

    I have to say it;
    You have beautiful eyes!! Love that blue colour!!
    And that concealer seems a must have! It is impressive!

  3. abbzzw

    It really is a brilliant concealer, I totally agree!

    So much so that when I worked in superdrug and somebody asked me for advice on a good concealer to buy i would jump straight to Gosh :) xx

  4. Charlie

    thanks so much!! will go and buy it. i have bags under my eyes to, hate it!

  5. I have been looking for a great concealer for a long time. I've been using MAC select-coverup for a while now and although it works well for me, I'm always on the lookout for a better one. I will definitely have to try this out! Thanks for sharing Zoe :)

  6. I have such bad dark circles too i always find my eyes look cakey/wrinkley when i wear concealer..blaahhh!! I will definitely be buying this though thanks zoe xxxx

  7. Monica

    Are you serious?

    I HAVE to get this concealer. ASAP.

    And you have beautiful lashes :)

    Thanks hun,


  8. Rosie

    That makes such a difference, it's amazing.

    I may have to go find that, I need a good under eye concealer.

    Rosie xx xx

  9. Gosh –I wish this stuff was available in the US-
    Have a great weekend!

  10. miley

    love the new look of the blog!(:
    the concealer looks great!

  11. Doesn't concealer make such a difference! I might have to check the Gosh one out, your eyes are such a lovely colour! ♥

  12. Halifax

    Gosh will be 40% off tomorrow around here, so I'm hoping they have this concealer. The before and after pics are very helpful. Thank you!

  13. Guess I'll be off to Superdrug soon lol

    I can't believe how well it covers. Thanks Zoe! xx

  14. I will HAVE to give this a try! I'll need the lighter colour, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it works as well as the one you use. I inherited my dark circles from my mum, they run in my family too unfortunately!


  15. Wow, this looks super smooth and well-blended!


  16. Maria

    Have you tried the Mac select cover up? Would you say this is better? I love the Mac one but I'm on a major budget these days! :)

  17. Sofee

    wow!! I would love that concealer, it did such an awesome job!!

  18. Lauren

    You don't seem to have dark circles at all to me.
    But the concealer looks good – seems to brighten up your skin a lot (not that it needs it).
    Thanks for posting. I'll have to go and check this product out xx

  19. Zoella.

    @Maria – Yes, i have select cover up, i prefer that on blemishes, but under my eyes i find it just wears away quickly and isnt as good! xxx

  20. Zoella.

    @Lauren – Haha, oh no trust me, i have very bad dark circle days. Yesterday wasn't too bad, today however..yikes. :) xxx

  21. wow.it did make a difference. i would sure be trying this concealer!^^

  22. Briii

    I bought this concealer after you did a write up on it before and I absolutely loved it! Great recomendation.

  23. I have the same problem, and I can't go out without my concealer or else I'll look like someone punched me in the eyes lol sad but true :)
    Btw do you use something to make your eyelashes so gorgeous like lilash or something? <3

  24. I came across your blog a while ago and have been catching up… Across the pond in the greater Toronto area in Canada we have a Gosh section at our local Shoppers!!! I picked it up tonight and it's great!! Can't wait to use it more. Thanks so much for the tip :)

  25. I'll be at superdrug tomorrow then, I have the same problem, of all the family traits I got stuck with dark circles :(

  26. i love this gosh concealer.
    its amazing on under eyes x

  27. Fab review :-)
    I had to give it a go, and i total agree with you

  28. Sherrie

    Great review, the photos look great, I'm glad im not the only one who uses a heap of concealer! x

  29. LOVE this concealer and I have bought two tubes of the concealer so far and although the colouring is a little off for my with some powder or bronzer you barely notice. Now the one thing that concerned me is it gets kinda watery at times..has that happened to you? I guess you rather it watery then thick anc cakey I guess

  30. That concealer looks impressive, definitely going to buy myself some! xxx

  31. Emily

    I can't find this concealer anywhere, just wondered whether you still used it, or whether it has been discontinued? In which case which one do you use now? Aha, thanks!


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  33. The next time I go shopping I will be buying this. My eyes are really similar to yours, and I hate it so much… I constantly look like ive been crying with the way my eyes are… and it's a big downer.. This product looked really good on you so fingers crossed it will work for me and make me look a little happier (:

  34. Uggh! You've got such a lovely eye colour! I have no idea what colour my eyes are. sometimes they're blue/grey/green!

  35. Your eyes are so pretty! Sometimes I wish I had blue eyes (especially like yours).

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  38. heia ! I think I'm gonna start liking my dark circles a little bitmore from now on! :)) just happy to see other girls talking about them! Secretly hating them until 25 years!