A few people asked what nailpolish i was wearing last week at the Body Shop Bloggers event.
I was wearing this gorgeous milky pale pink, which i purchased after Laura (Lollipop26) had raved about it.
It’s a really feminine colour but i also love the fact it makes your feel more tanned than you actually are! haha

The shade is called “Mod About You”

  1. Marce

    Hi Zoe! I love your cute photo! The polish looks gorgeous on your nails :)
    Come visit my blog, you're more than welcome!

  2. Kell

    im not the tannest of gals and i always look for pale pink shades! you're definitely right, it makes you look and feel tanner than you really are! :) im gonna look for this in my salon next time i get my nails done


  3. Ellie

    Oooh this looks lovely :) xx

  4. Love this colour! I really want to get my hands on it! xXx

  5. Alice

    That's a really nice shade. Are you nails real or fake? They're lovely :) x

  6. -Emma.

    I love this shade :)

  7. This looks extremely pretty (: I may have to buy one myself as my nails inc has almost ran out. x

  8. I ordered this colour yesterday, looks really nice :) I also ordered OPI-can you dig it. Have you tried that one?

  9. Laura

    I am SO buying this, it looks gorgeous :) I love pale colours like that! xxx

  10. I love Mod About You! It was my first OPI along with Don't Know Jaques :) I agree about the "making you look more tanned" thing haha makes me want to put some on right now! Speshly since I've just St Morized:) x

  11. Zoella.

    @Alice – They're Fake. ;) My real nails are a disgrace xxx

  12. I really want that color but I haven't found anywere online in the UK that sells it.

  13. FELINE.

    your pictures always look so cute!!

    :) xo

  14. LaaLaa

    lovessssssss that nail varnish.

  15. Anonymous

    i really really love that wallpaper! where's it from?:) X

  16. k.

    One of my favorite colors – & agreed on the tan part! I'm always like "WOW, I'm not really this tan, but I'll roll with it…" ;)

    xox, K

  17. Trisha

    You take the pretties pictures :) Thats a beautiful nail color!

  18. haha i got it too last week and all thanks to laura lollipop26

  19. lol u blog like every two hours- i wish i was as consistent as you :P

  20. Lizzard

    I love it! I think you'd also like OPI – Make Love, it's a little less white, I'm thinking totally up your ally ;)

  21. Lisa

    Love it! Such a cute colour, I've been wanting to try a milky pink for a while and I think this pic may have just spurred me on :D Plus I need all the help I can get when it comes to "looking more tanned" lol x

  22. I like the blue telephone
    and you exibition picture, also. Ahm… and the pretty stylish layout.



  23. Im so buying this now, it's stunning!! :o)

  24. I have this nail polish as well and I love it!

  25. Hello,

    Just to let you know your MSF from my blog sale is being posted today first class!

  26. such a cute colour! are you wearing fake nails? if so do you get them done at a salon? your nails look fab :) xxx

  27. Great shade!

  28. Jo

    Gorgeous colour! I am loving the baby pinks and nudes at the moment. xx

  29. hannah

    i love that polish! as you said though, it makes me look soo tan.

  30. clemmie

    Ahhh it's absolutely beautiful xx

  31. i absoloutely LOVE this colour, i want it right NOWWWWWWWWW … i just came across your blog & love it! im following you so look forward to your posts!

    take care,



  32. Anonymous

    Sorry im so blummin stuck ha! saw a picture of you on another blog thingy mi bob, and youre wearing the floral cardy from topshop, and a white vesty or something? and youve got a daisy headband on! its soo nice, where is it from? unless you made it and in that case im guna sound like a reet plonker! :))


    not sure how to post this without having to click the anonymous option gr!! but my names GinaLixxie on youtube just to let you know! ^^

  33. Zoella.

    @Anonymous(Gina)- Ahh yes, i did make that headband. :) Sorrryy. Theres a post on it called "d.i.y headband" xxxx

  34. Meg

    This is my faveeee colour my blog is actually named after it it would make my day if you could check it out and maybe follow if you like? You should be able to click on my name and find it :)

  35. t :)

    exactly what i've been looking for! :)

  36. Oh my word! I need this color so bad! My next nail polish purchase is this one. I have to own it. Thanks a ton!(:

  37. I'm sorry but I like your short nails much better!

  38. Alicia Parry

    The shade looks really nice:)