Today was sunny, so i didn’t have to layer up or go too O.T.T on the warmth.
Yesterday i went a little crazy in Primark, so this OOTD mainly consists of Primark newbies…to be honest, i may aswell be a walking Primark advert…

♥ Maybelline Mineral Cover on blemishes
♥ Gosh Touch Up concealer under eyes
♥ Benefit Erase Paste in corners of eyes
♥ Bare Escentuals Foundation in Medium Beige
♥ Sleek Contour Kit in Light (used both for contour and highlight)
♥ Mac Sun & Moon blush

♥ Too Faced Shadow Insurance
♥ Mac Sunday Best E/S all over lid
♥ Mac Star Violet in crease
♥ Mac Showstopper in outer corner
♥ L’oreal Superliner in Carbon Gloss
♥ Estee Lauder Sumptuous mascara

♥ Mac Hue Lipstick

♥ Shirt Dress & Belt – Primark – £8
♥ Cardigan – Primark – £8
♥ Leggings – Primark – £3
♥ Navy Pumps – Primark £8
♥ Bangles – Various places over the years…

  1. aww you look beautiful :) xxx

  2. Jess

    Cute post. Love your shirt.

  3. I went to Primark yesteday and found next to nothing, only this one really nice top but that was it.

    I'm liking the shirt dress, must try to find it somewhere else.

    Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the eye makeup is gorgeous


  4. okay, your hair is beyond gorgeous!! I am so jealous! x

  5. Your eyes look so pretty when you wear blue!
    Great post!
    It would make my day if you followed me (:

  6. love the eyemakeup
    your hair is sooo soo nice

  7. Milly

    Scrumptious as always chick xx

  8. Lauren

    I had those pumps in white but I gave them to my Mum. Do you find Primark shoes really mega uncomfortable. I can't buy them because they hurt my feet really bad :(


  9. Leenda

    very cute outfit. =] I don't know how you get your hair all bouncy and voluminous, but dude, my hair is so not like that. lol

  10. Very pretty neutral eye, and your skin looks glowing :).

  11. Hope

    Darling, you are freaking gorgeous! Love the makeup!!

  12. elle

    oh i'm so jealous that we dont' have a primark here! it seems so much better than forever21.

    xoxo, elle

  13. Looks great… Will be doing a Primark binge tomorrow i want that shirt! Tan looks great too :)

  14. that shirt is lovely, you look very spring-summer esque!xxx

  15. I know what you mean about being a walking Primark advert, almost everything I wear seems to be from there! Looks lovely :) Yet more to add to my list! xxx

  16. Abbi

    I love what you're wearing!! Primark is awesome :) <3

  17. Paula

    Babes you look STUNNING in this your skin is glowing :D llluuurve that shirt me wants haha xx

  18. MW

    u look stunning!!!
    very cute ootd
    xo mw

  19. India

    Your eyes look sooo blue in the top picture! I love the makeup :) The shirt dress is fab too xx

  20. Faye

    I have this dress! :) xxx

  21. Your eyes are so beautiful! Gorgeous as ever, rocking the 'jack wills chic'
    I get so excited when I see you have a fotd or ootd up (yes, I am loser)

  22. You are absolutely gorgeous I love your eyes and your hair is incredible….


  23. Jenny

    your eyes are beautiful! and cute outfit

  24. Vicky

    I love your outfit!

  25. Gorgeous girly that you are! Those shoes are the cutest, great post!


  26. OMMG! your eyes are so amazing!!!!! GAH and ur skin looks so flawless, bare escentuals never made me look like that lol

    For people in north american check out my blogsale please!

  27. Jess

    oh I'm loving your hair like that.
    a tutorial is needed :)

  28. kate:)

    Are your bangles from various Primarks over the years? :)
    hehehe kidding!
    you look beautiful :)
    and i love your makeup!!

  29. miley

    gosh, you're just so pretty!(:

  30. you look lovely and the outfits really cute :)

  31. You look great babe! If you were to advertise primark theyd make more of a fortune than they are know ;) great buys girl xx

  32. Daisy

    Ahh I bought that shirt dress in blue and white, but returned it as I didn't think I'd wear it much. Totally regret it as you look gorge with it on! x

  33. your stunning! i love your outfit! you should do a video on your haul i think :)

  34. You are so beautiful! Gimme your hair!! :)

  35. oh Zoe you primark queen you! you look gorge!
    Why can i never find things when i go in primarni? I feel like i should give you my money so you can buy me all the nice things i miss!
    May i also add your hair looks hawt!
    Larve you x

  36. Zoe

    this is a lovely outfit, you look stunning! your hair is always so so good, dammit! haha. love it lots, almost summery xox

  37. Sarah

    your eyeshadow looks awesome! any chance of a tutorial?

  38. Leah

    Sooo cute. I want a Primark in Canada! :(

  39. you are so darling and adorable!!

  40. Diane

    I loveeeeeeeee your makeup here!!!

  41. Sanne

    you look so gorgeous! and your hair is amazing!

  42. I love it!=*

  43. abbzzw

    my housemates think you look incredible :P

    and i agree :) xx

  44. lilly

    Please do an hair tutorial it looks gorgeous :-)

  45. Marian

    gorgeous as always! xo

  46. one word… CUTE! x

  47. you are beautiful :)
    Must try and find that shirt in primark!

  48. Lucy

    Bare Escentuals is back! Hurrah. Love the outfit, the blue really suits you x

  49. Rita

    You look sooo gorgeous!

    Pleeease YouTube video for the hair :D It's amazing!

  50. Jen

    I have this shirt too – it's so easy to wear! You look great.

  51. You look lovely! and this weather is amazing right now, hope it lasts :) x

  52. Love your blog so I nominated you for an award, its waiting on my blog :]

  53. Laura

    What a pritty outfit I always love to se you OOTD ur stlye is such an insiration to me… suggestion you should do more. Please it would be awesome if you did.

  54. Love the dress! You look great hun :)

  55. Kirsty

    It's so good to just finally be able to wear ballet flats instead of boots again isn't it lol!

    I seen this shirt today while I was shopping, Liked it, but told my boyfriend I couldn't get it because "Zoe had it" haha! He called me a loser and I don't even really know my thinking behind that statement!

    Anyway looking gorgeous xx

  56. L

    I have this shirt. I love your otfit post's :) your style is lovelyyy.


  57. i LOVE this make up look its gorgeous! i love how its so natural but looks really fresh and nice for summer :)

    i love your shirt also :)


  58. your gorgeous! :)
    and what kind of camera do you have? It looks like it takes good pictures and im looking for a new one :)

  59. my mum has that shirt! i wear it all the time, with EVERYTHING :D

  60. i lov u make up.
    until one looks nice.
    wonderful blog. inspirational.